“ Center for Feed Technology” (ForTek), Norway

Center for Feed Technology with its feed extrusion and feed pelleting process is a perfect collaborative partner for start-ups, small, medium size companies and their R & D teams.

From Med-ARC we think this is a nice approach, i.e., the University based research centers, are indeed, within the private public dimension, a delimited space where Governments and Global Oriented Organizations, could canalize their efforts within any strategic industry they would want to develop, like aquafeed spin-offs, and RAS aquaculture of low scale (as a world trend, pursuing to close “the protein gap 2050”, to trade off against cattle and swine -for small producers- as a new option, depending on price, volume and availability) for instance, reducing the risk of their global objectives, measured in CO2, and a reduction in the global antibiotic resistance.

Kind regards,
Mario Miranda Lavarello

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